Give to San Damiano Scholars

Gifts to San Damiano Scholars provides direct scholarship aid to low-income students and families currently enrolled failing schools to receive the funding needed to attend private, urban Catholic schools in Baton Rouge.

Educational attainment in our community is a significant need and a barrier to breaking cycles of generational poverty and economic mobility. Research shows education is the great equalizer, but too many kids in Baton Rouge have the odds stacked against them by limited access, or no access, to good schools. San Damiano Scholars works exclusively to eliminate financial barriers to quality, Catholic school education. By providing scholarship funding through the State of Louisiana’s Student Tuition Organization program, San Damiano Scholars ensures access to educational opportunity to low-resource families in our community from grades K to 12.

How do I donate?

It is remarkably easy. Donations can be made via check, via credit card (see below) or via wire transfer.  All donations must also be accompanied by a completed San Damiano Scholars Pledge Form. Pledge forms can be mailed to San Damiano Scholars, 6110 Morgan Bend Drive, Baton Rouge, LA 70805 or emailed to

Remember, all donations must also include the pledge form in order to be eligible for tax credits.


Frequently Asked Questions for Donors

What is the Tuition Donation Credit Program (TDC)?

The TDC empowers families with necessary funding to choose the school that best prepares their child for college and careers. The program was established by the Louisiana Legislature and authorizes School Tuition Organizations (STO’s) to collect and use taxpayer donations to provide scholarships for those that meet the program’s income, residency and prior school attendance requirements to attend nonpublic schools. All STOs are tax-exempt, not-for-profit organization with 501(c)(3) status. Taxpayers receive a credit toward their Louisiana state taxes after their donation has been assigned to provide scholarships for specific students. The STO then submits scholarship information to the Louisiana Department of Education and issues the tax credit to the taxpayer.

When can I donate?

We accept donations throughout the year. A taxpayer can redirect their estimated quarterly tax payments to San Damiano Scholars, can donate monthly, or in one lump sum. A taxpayer may donate at whatever frequency desired, so long as the full donation is made before December 31st in order to claim the tax credit for the current tax year.

Does my donation need to be spent before I can claim the credit?

A donation must be “used”, meaning it is spent or set aside for future scholarships for qualified students. Due to the volume of the children we serve, a donor easily earns the credit with a donation to San Damiano Scholars.

How long do I need to wait before I receive my tax credit?

The credit is earned automatically for the year in which the donation is made. The taxpayer will receive a tax credit receipt from the LA Department of Education.

Is this credit refundable or transferable?

It is non-transferable and non-refundable, but the credit can be carried forward for up to three years if it exceeds the amount of a taxpayer’s liability in a single year.

I’ve participated in other credits. Does this one have a lot of strings or
paperwork attached to it?

Completely the opposite. This tax credit is incredibly simple. It requires three pieces of paper: 1) The San Damiano Scholars donation pledge form, 2) The tax receipt from San Damiano Scholars acknowledging the taxpayer’s donation (this is used to claim the federal charitable contribution deduction), 3) The tax credit receipt from the LA Department of Education (this is used to claim the state income tax credit).